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From coaching to consulting, making you and your business better


Coach Services

Collaborating with Creative + Conscious Leaders


​From supporting you one on one to working with teams, I specialize in helping you develop confidence and a voice as a leader and in your life. 


Are you needing balance because you feel overwhelmed? Are you truly leading in your own style? Are you pushing for what you believe in, need, desire, and want? 


Are you a great people leader? Do you need help with difficult conversations or navigating cultural differences, transparency, and team mental health needs? 


Are you taking your business to the next level? Do you need accountability or a creativity partner? Are you fulfilling your dream for the business?

Coaching Packages

Leaders need purpose and creativity however it takes time to work on yourself. You and your business are worth it - the world needs great leaders and happy humans. Whether you are an executive or a manager, by getting a coach you will begin to listen to yourself and craft a career and business you love!

The packages below are examples of one-to-one coaching packages.
Group coaching or leadership consulting for your business is always available.


Only you can choose to focus on what is most important for you. With coaching you may:

  • Discover or take action on your dream and goals

  • Uncover opportunities

  • Change your mindset

  • Find your voice

  • Make a plan and achieve it

  • Get creative with intentional workshops

  • Be inspired, be accountable

  • Achieve progress toward life and career goals

  • ​Receive ongoing ideating and a creative solutions partner

Contact me for information to support the use of professional development funds at your business for coaching.

Three women in Sweden on fat tire bikes. Casey Hanisko is on far left. Lots of green trees and grass in the picture.
Image by Alex Perri


With just a few sessions you can make some changes in your life and leadership. This is perfect for anyone interested in a coach and wanting to test the waters a bit.

  • 3 sessions 

  • Flexible timing

  • Recommended resources

    Invite to workshops

Image by vickholius nugroho


If you know you need to be more confident, your business needs are overwhelming you, or you need to strengthen your leadership  - then this is a good choice for you.

  • 8 sessions

  • Flexible timing

  • Three workshops included

  • Monthly Resources

Image by Ira E


Executives need support and it can feel lonely at the top. With purpose and intention we'll dig into your business challenges and find opportunities to make your leadership come alive and your business successful.

  • Six months

  • Weekly 1:1 Sessions 

  • Three workshops included

  • Monthly Resources

  • 10 Hours Additional Coaching 

Jennifer Johnson, Epic 4x4 Adventures

My coaching experience with Casey has quickly proved invaluable to me. She helps me see things differently. Casey asks thoughtful and intelligent questions that make me think more deeply about things or see them from a different angle. It has made improvements to my business and the programs I implement. I love feeling like I have someone in my corner. (Coaching client through Guest Focus)

Consultant Services


Looking for an expert to tackle a thorny topic, from leadership and management training to implementing storytelling around that sustainability plan on your shelf? I am known for my creative ideas, collaborative style, and ability to be strategic and take action - let me help you move your business forward.


Does your team need leadership and people management training? Do you need support with strategic planning and taking action? Do you need executive level support to move projects forward?


Don’t have time to implement and think of new ideas? Wondering where to start? Looking to create a marketing strategy? Wanting to innovate your products but unsure what is trending or worth the ROI?


Do you have a sustainability plan but are unsure on how to move forward or feel like there is too much to do? Afraid of being accountable and setting goals? Need ideas for ways to tell your story to your team, your suppliers, your guides, your clients, and your community?

Let's set up a call to discuss your business needs. I look forward to seeing how my expertise complements your business and contributes to your success.

Casey Hanisko, she/her, standing with arms cross in long coral cover up over a gray shirt and black pants. She has dark hair, white skin and glasses.

Interested in a complimentary session?

Let's schedule an introductory coaching session to see if working together is a good fit. Or if you are interested in a deeper consulting engagement, I look forward to understanding your needs. 

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